So glad you are here!! Thanks for coming to my little piece of the world. Here you will find, stories, advice, recommendations that you can do with what you will. I write about what I do and what I love. We have mom stories, we have life stories, we have fun ideas, we have a little bit of whatever pops into my head that I think would be a fun post! There is no right or wrong way to take the information you gather from this blog. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I’m not a perfect mom, I don’t know it all, I still wonder some days how I’m hanging in there. That’s not the point of this. This space is for me to have a place to put my stories, thoughts, ideas, advice, so that maybe if someone is out there feeling this same way they know they aren’t alone! I’m still human, I still make mistakes! That being said, you’ll notice I sometimes don’t post about mom things at all, and while I started this blog to recount all my mom stories, I decided I wanted to encompass much more than that, so enjoy reading up on a lot more than just mom stuff! This can be a place for everyone!

Also, my posts may not be perfectly written, or always grammatically correct or have some punctuation errors. Once again I’m human. I do my best to catch things, but sometimes something may slip through the cracks. Apologies. Hope it doesn’t affect you enough to stop reading.

Now that I’m not living in wine country it’s hard to keep the blog “wine focused” not that it ever really was. Now I’m just trying to keep the content fun and new and exciting. So bear with me with I navigate to figure out what people want to read!